Fast Dehumidying; Anti-Oxidation Series

Anti-Oxidation; Low Humidity Baking Oven

Cleaning Oven With O2 Monitoring Series

WMS For MSD Material Control

On Line Fast Dehumifying Cabinet -ADH Series


1. Internal CBI Deep Dry Unit
2. 1%RH, 5~15 Minutes Recovery Time
3. LED Digital Control Panel, Option For LCD Panel
4. High Accuracy, Uniformity, Less Fluctuating
5. ESD Safe Coated Body &Grounding System
6. Handly Vacuum Nozzle For Moisture Bag
7. Meet IPC-S-STD-033D Std.
8. CE Certificate Available


Typical Application

① Moisture-proofing and prevent BGA,QFP etc. from latent cracks.
② Moisture-proof use and avoid delamination for PCB
③ Used on production lines where needs frequently load/unload
④ Used for raw material and finished products warehouse